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Coin Rewards
Stable Earning, High Growth
Unique Platform to Stake ABCN Coin in ABCN World

Custom Amount Staking

Start with

1 ABCN Coin

You can customize Your Stake from Min 1 ABCN Coin to the threshold limit of ABCN Coin Stake statue.

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Heap of ABCN Coin


0.5% / day

Receive ABCN Coins mining on tokens withhold by you in ABCN Staking Account.

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Community Earning

Advantage till

20 levels

Become advantageous by recommending ABCN till community depth.

There are multiple ways to boost with ABCN
Invite Points

Generate up to 33% returns spanning the initial twenty levels of your single-tier structure. Construct a robust team to attain substantial earnings at advanced tiers.

Progression through Ranks

By engaging in business activities, you will progress through different ranks, unlocking a series of rewarding benefits.

Price appreciation

Enjoy trading benefits of ABCN Coin, with a growing community the price will be appreciated regularly

Daily Expansion

By holding ABCN coins within your staking account, you will consistently receive mining rewards.

Native Currency
Powered By ABC Network

Introducing ABCN Coin

ABCN Coin, a native Coin of Ace Blockchain Network which is built on Proof of Authority consensus Algorithm and attains multi purpose use cases.

  • 2,10,00,000 ABCN Coin Supply
  • Used to Pay Network's Fee, New use cases will be integrated in future.
  • Listed on Centeralized Exchanges.
  • With Multiple use cases, network dominance and growing Defi we estimate 500% appreciation
White Paper
Ace Blockchain Ecosystem
DApps by ABCN Blockchain
10+ Developments inline
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